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Above: Stone House in Marangu in Tanzania Ca. 1930-1940 of grandfather and Teacher Filipo Njau and grandmother Bibi Maria Njau used to be admired by many people. It was surrounded by many trees that were planted for protecting the environment. Grandfather Filipo Njau used to plant them with his students from Marangu Teachers College that was located not so far from this house a long time ago. Bananas were planted as staple food of the Chagga people who settled on the slopes of Mountain Kilimajaro a long time ago.

All the grandchildren used to visit grandparents Filipo and Maria during Christmas and New Year celebrations and they had a lot of big space reserved for them on the second floor in the attic. Grandfather Filipo used to receive every year lots of Christmas and New Year gifts from many friends he had in Germany and USA and he used to share them with grandmother Maria, his sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends.

Grandfather Filipo and his students planted also lots of trees along the banks of River Unna in Marangu area and other places in order to stop soil erosion and protect the environment. Driving to Marangu during those years, it was like driving through the jungle, thick rainy forest with lots of beautiful vegetations, animals and hear birds and insects singing sonorous songs together, and the air used to be so fresh and rewarding from Marangu all the way to the top of the snows of Mountain Kilimanjaro.

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